Creating a new larger entertaining area, complete with fireplace and pool, KMD has conceived an elegant addition that sits beautifully in the curated landscape. With an extended hardwood timber pool deck, reinforced and new retaining walls and new and recycled stone flagging on stairs and underfoot, steel-edged garden beds complement this outside luxury.

Constructing a traditional brick fireplace with blade seating on either side, the area becomes a gathering place all year round. While the new concrete pool shell features a glass bead interior, mosaic waterline tiles and white diamond sawn sandstone coping that all combine to make it a standout.

With sandstone stairs to create a sense of arrival and link the property to the new entertaining area, this outside room has exceptional form and function and is a magical space for residents and guests. Timeless and refined, this addition adds lustre to the home and enhances life outdoors.

Landscape Design: Michael Cooke Garden Design