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about Kieran and KMD

A well designed and built structure is the scaffold that supports your garden for life.”


For over 25 years, we’ve worked with landscape architects and designers to realise their visions with skill and precision. Founder Kieran Devlin was first drawn to landscape through his childhood love of Sydney’s bush and coastline. As a stonemason’s apprentice, he completed landscape science studies at Ryde TAFE, Sydney’s premier earth sciences college, before founding KMD.

Today, Kieran leads a small, passionate team of skilled stonemasons and hardscape specialists, constructing the landscape framework for gardens to thrive. With a speciality in swimming pools, KMD has built and refurbished some breathtaking pools in some of Sydney’s most spectacular harbour settings.

Contact KMD at:

T: (02) 9664 6600 | M: 0418 688 324

E: admin@kmdoutdoorspaces.com.au

Licence No: 196493C